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OK so here's what happened: I had an issue uploading due to misunderstanding how submitting a game works. *

Apparently during this jam you cannot upload during voting [which I guess is fair, but this is the only jam I've ever joined that had that rule] SO...

I will upload the proper version when the jam is over, or as of 02Sep @ 8:00 EST you can play what I have HERE, but obviously judge my work as saved here-- the broken product is what I got in on time, not the [mostly] bug free version linked above.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST USING A CONTROLLER /w a D-PAD TO PLAY THIS GAME; it is very difficult using a keyboard.

Also important-- spikes work by spelunky rules, you can walk through them but not land on them.

I made all the sounds using bfxr and all the music came from a creative commons website so hopefully that's all kosher.  Oh also, I had a stand-in sprite which I got from a google image search (the UFO) that I ran out of time before I could switch it out with the proper hand-made sprite-- I guess take that into consideration too.

The concept is [platformer] without [the ability to see where you'll land when you jump]. Silly, I know.

*  In a panic with less than 20 minutes left, I submitted an old game jam game and uploaded two broken versions of this game.  Two of those I have withdrawn from submission, the other is submitted here. The version here has a lot of bugs and issues that I am aware of.  It may not even be beatable due to one of them.

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